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Advising / Counseling

"It's irrational to do the same thing again and again and expect to obtain different results. If you seek different results, don't keep doing the same thing!" Albert Einstein

Do you have a business idea?

Transforming a business idea into a viable company is no simple task, but with the support and advice of experts the likelihood of success increases.

An entrepreneur's initial steps when launching a business project come across many issues that are faced for the first time: procedures, financing, grants, business plan,...

The following entities offer you advice during this phase and help you materialise your business project.


CREAMA is a public consortium that promotes the economic and social activities of the Marina Alta region.

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Association with the goal of contributing toward the economic development of the companies of the Marina Alta region.

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A benchmark, multidisciplinary space for business and entrepreneurial development in the Marina Alta region.

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+ info Tel. 609602007

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