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Member entities

To date, MEC member entities represent a diversity of sectors, such as education/training, business, social and local public administration. This diversity makes possible the Committee's comprehensive integration of all of the different perspectives related with employment.

  • 690 215 147
  • C/ Manuel Sanchis Guarner, 7

  • 965 909 323
  • Av. Joan Fuster, 44, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

  • 637620723
  • C/ Ribera, 14. Valencia
"Condenados al Bordillo" Association

"Condenados al Bordillo" Association

The main goal of this association is the development and implementation of different projects to achieve the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Currently, it is quite mature and rooted in the Marina Alta (Alicante) region, developing a series of projects targeted at individuals with different types and degrees of disabilities (physical, mental and intellectual).

To date, this association has over 80 users,100 volunteers and ten employees (six with disabilities), with operations running 34 hours per week across different projects, plus excursions and camps.

"Extiende tu mano" Community of Valencia

"Extiende tu mano" Community of Valencia

"Extiende Tu Mano" (Reach out your Hand) is the official community and social action body of the Evangelical Baptist Church "La Trinitat" in Dénia. Its activities include the following:

  • Legal advice, psychological support, counselling and attention for personal and family problems, resolution of emotional conflicts, information office on addictions, home care, attention to hospitalised patients (availability of these services is dependent on volunteers).
  • Soup kitchen, Monday-Friday. Doors open at 1.15pm.
  • Distribution of basic necessity items provided by the Food Bank and various supermarkets in Dénia (upon prior social evaluation for programme access).
  • Distribution of clothes and personal items.
  • 965 780 881
  • C/ Patricio Ferrándiz, 30
CDT. Dénia Tourism Development Centre

CDT. Dénia Tourism Development Centre

Vocational training certification centre (chefs, restaurant, pastry chefs). Level I and II).
Ongoing vocational training, Hotel/Tourism sector.

  • 96 642 84 50
  • Zona Polideportivo - C/ Falutx, s/n - Dénia
CPEE Raquel Payá

CPEE Raquel Payá

Special Education Public School. Attention to students with functional diversity (ages 3-21 years). Home-based services for children aged 0-3 years, prior to schooling. Training programme for basic qualification as of the 2017-2018 academic term (ages 21-24 years) (pending Proposal and approval, more information will be available in Spring).

  • 966 428 880
  • Pda. Madrigueres Sud, 74
CREAMA. Consortium for Economic Recovery and Activity of the Marina Alta

CREAMA. Consortium for Economic Recovery and Activity of the Marina Alta

CREAMA is a public consortium that promotes the economic and social activities of the Marina Alta region. It is comprised of 8 towns, the regional government and SERVEF. The CREAMA Dénia Agency is part of the consortium's network of agencies, an instrument at the service of citizens, offering the following services: Business Creation and Maintenance. Promotion and Dynamization of commerce. Training. Promotion of local and regional projects. Job placement. Career counselling. Attention to persons with functional diversity. Digital certification issue point.

  • 966 423 704
  • C/ 9 d'Octubre, s/n - Dénia
Dénia City Council. Environment and Climate Change Department

Dénia City Council. Environment and Climate Change Department

The goals of the Dénia City Council's Environment and Climate Change Department include protecting and adding value to our territory and of our agricultural setting, the development of policies on sustainability and quality, and environmental awareness-raising to guarantee respectful behaviours.

Dénia City Council. Innovation and Creativity Department

Dénia City Council. Innovation and Creativity Department

The Innovation and Creativity Department implements the Dénia Local Food Ecosystem programme for sharing our knowledge and experiences with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, in accordance with a local, sustainable and environmentally-friendly food model.

This Department pursues the following objectives:

  • Create a cluster of gastronomy and food-related cultural industries.
  • Promote sustainable development (social, economic and environmental benefits) for our region, based on traditional agriculture and fishing.
  • Develop new agri-food and gastronomic industries.
  • Raise awareness on the need for healthier eating habits, linked to autochthonous products and respectful of the environment.
  • Custody traditional agriculture and fishing-related knowledge, the authentic knowledge "reserves" of our future
  • 966 467 075
  • Plaza Constitució, 10 - Dénia
Dénia City Council. Social Services

Dénia City Council. Social Services

The Social Services Department groups all of the town's issues and areas of social interest, mainly focused on providing information, support and intervention for:

  • Social associations and NGOs.
  • Elderly.
  • Equal opportunities between men and women.
  • Families and Minors.
  • Immigrants.
  • Pensions and economic aid.
  • Prevention of addictions.
  • Persons with disabilities.
  • Social volunteering.
  • 966 420 905
  • 966 421 555
  • Pl. Arxiduc Carles, 3
IES Historiador Chabás (Institute of Secondary Education)

IES Historiador Chabás (Institute of Secondary Education)

Historiador Chabás Institute of Secondary Education offers the following training/education:

  • Secondary education (all levels).
  • Baccalaureate courses, day and night options
    • Social sciences and humanities
    • Science and technology
    • Art
  • Training courses
    • Intermediate Vocational Training in physical-sports activities in rural settings
    • Higher Vocational Training in physical and sports activities
  • Special Regime Education (ERE)
    • Initial Sports Technician course in Recreational diving with aqualung equipment
    • Planning to offer the Higher Sports Technician course in Recreational diving with aqualung equipment.
  • The IES Historiador Chabás (Institute of Secondary Education) is a multilingual centre with courses in English for some subjects in each phase.
  • 966 428 225
  • C/ Manuel Vallalta, 3
IES Number 3
966 428 235
IES Number 3

IES Number 3

Secondary education, Science-based Baccalaureate and Humanities and Social Sciences and Initial Vocational Training Courses in Gardening, Administration and Management.

  • 966 428 235
  • C/ Hiades, 10 - Dénia
Jovempa Marina Alta

Jovempa Marina Alta

JOVEMPA is born as the Provincial Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Alicante Province on January 21, 1991. In 2011, exactly twenty years later, JOVEMPA becomes a Provincial Federation, grouping together the currently established regional associations. The goal of JOVEMPA Marina Alta as one of these, established in February 2010, is to contribute toward the economic development of companies in the Marina Alta, joining forces with the goals of JOVEMPA, which continue to be the same as those when it was established in 1991:

  1. Address the need for information, training, guidance, innovation and growth of its members, analysing and disseminating all issues that may be of interest for company owners and entrepreneurs in the Alicante province.
  2. Promote, aid development and support business projects of its members.
  3. Captivate, promote, drive and develop entrepreneurial spirit among youth, in collaboration with other public and private entities.
  4. Represent, manage and defend the professional interests of its members across all realms: social, political or economic.
  5. Promote, drive, participate in or coordinate all types of initiatives or actions tending to develop and consolidate companies in Alicante as a whole, and particularly those led by its young business owners-members.
  6. Collaborate with other public and private entities to foster the economic development of the Alicante province.
  7. Foster relationships based on collaboration with other associations and entities in specific sectors or regions other than the province.
Knowhere Dénia

Knowhere Dénia

Knowhere Dénia is a multidisciplinary space where knowledge and businesses share coffee, and its main drivers are its members’ talent and creativity. We aspire to be the benchmark space for business and entrepreneurial development in the Marina Alta region.

The goal of Knowhere is to attract entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta, persons with whom to learn and discover, hold interesting conversations, and discover new projects that come to life in our region.

Our space is based on 3 pillars:


A coworking in the heart of town. Opening our doors reflects our commitment to offer new entrepreneurs a space where their ideas will grow, function and multiply: 1+1=3.

Knowhere wants to offer a place where one feels at home, can drive ideas by creating, innovating and doing business while collaborating with and learning from others.


Knowhere offers a research and digital manufacturing lab, to provide access to the latest technology and resources for developing projects, learning and the DIY philosophy. Available are 3D printers, CNC cutters, welders... everything necessary for creating your own prototypes and materialising your ideas.


Year-round, Knowhere offers related presentations, conferences and workshops, both for makerspace users and new entrepreneurs searching for opportunities and on developing and consolidating business goals.

  • 679 863 593
  • C/ Fora Mur, 12 - Dénia
MULTISECMA. Multisector Association of Marina Alta Business Owners
965 786 622
MULTISECMA. Multisector Association of Marina Alta Business Owners

MULTISECMA. Multisector Association of Marina Alta Business Owners

MULTISECMA brings together diverse business sectors with the shared interest of reactivating the region's economy. Its goals include defending the interests of its members unto public administrations and creating synergies across different companies to achieve this region's optimal development.

MULTISECMA is a founding member of the Marina Alta Business Circle, CEDMA, currently comprised of twelve business associations and 10 individual businesses of the region, representing a total of 1,150 companies and 7,000 employees.

  • 965 786 622
  • C/ L’Agret, 18 - Urb. El Cortijo - Dénia
Salvation Army

Salvation Army

In Dénia, the Salvation Army counts with a centre for retreats and conferences in Torrecarrals since over 30 years ago. Its facilities are used by groups from Germany and other European countries and Spaniards, of course, and many locals of Dénia for celebrating Birthday parties, retreats, or simply to enjoy an extraordinary place.

Currently, the Salvation Army in Dénia offers religious services and social projects that enable many families and persons in need who are alone to have food available. It has a soup kitchen open on weekends, so that families and persons without resources will have their needs met. Social food aid is complemented by, as resources permit, the distribution of clothing, payment of bills, medication, gas, among others.

It has a support group for women with different activities, bringing together women from different social levels with their different social problems, like abuse, solitude and trafficking, etc.

People also contact the Salvation Army for other reasons, not only to request social aid, but also for spiritual guidance, advice, direction, friendship, or a meeting point.

Anyone can volunteer in our variety of programmes.

How to collaborate.

If you wish to collaborate with us, you may do so by:

Dedicating your time as a Volunteer, donating non-perishable food items, blankets, sleeping bags, clothes and shoes, personal hygiene materials (soap, shampoo, etc.), textbooks and school materials, new toys for children in need during Christmas, sponsoring a child or by contributing a monetary, tax-deductible donation.



SERVEF is an autonomous body of the Generalitat Valenciana (regional government) with its own legal personality and full capacity for implementing activities in the pursuit of its goals.

The purpose of SERVEF is to drive, develop and implement the policies of the regional government on issues related with employment generation, acting in the fields of its competency in employment mediation and counselling services, promoting employment and vocational training for employment.

  • 966 909 400
  • Avda. Juan Chabas, 7 - Dénia
UGT. Unión general de trabajadores (General Workers Union)

UGT. Unión general de trabajadores (General Workers Union)

Unions comprise one of the links of a democratic system. Their role and relevance are recognised in the Preliminary Title and Article 7 of Spain’s Constitution of 1978.

UGT is a union that encompasses all employees, members of cooperatives, self-employed business owners without employees and unemployed persons.

UGT strives to defend the socio-political, economic, professional, social and cultural interests of workers. It advocates for the social, economic and psychological wellbeing of all workers. It defends workers' interests regardless of their employment status or temporary or fixed job contracts. It defends all workers, without limiting itself to any specific group.

UGT is a democratic organisation that defends a democratic welfare state governed by the rule of law, and advocates for real and effective liberty, justice and equality.

UGT is founder of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), to which it belongs, defending international action of workers. It maintains relationships with trade unions in other countries pursuing the same objectives as its own.

  • 965 788 006
  • C/ Marqués de Campo, 60, 1º, 9ª - Dénia
UNED Dénia

UNED Dénia

A public university of higher education, non-formal education, languages, courses, specific training, masters, doctorate, courses for seniors, equality.

  • 965 781 754
  • Pza. Jaume I, s/n - Dénia
AEHTMA. Association of Hotel and Tourism Sector Business Owners

AEHTMA. Association of Hotel and Tourism Sector Business Owners

Not-for-profit association registered in 1976, currently comprised of 392 members, all of which are hospitality-related businesses registered with the Regional Tourism Department of Alicante (hotels and other types of accommodations, restaurants and complementary offer).

  • 965 781 008
  • 656 883 540
  • Paseo del Saladar, 58, 1º E - Dénia
ACEAD. Association of Builders and related companies in Dénia
606 358 241
ACEAD. Association of Builders and related companies in Dénia

ACEAD. Association of Builders and related companies in Dénia

ACEAD is a not-for-profit association that works in the defence of the interests of corporation and self-employed business owners in the construction sector and related activities (plumbers, electricians, etc...).

  • 606 358 241
  • 609 633 224
  • C/ Marqués de Campo, 18, 1ª - Dénia
CEDMA. Marina Alta Business Circle

CEDMA. Marina Alta Business Circle

The Marina Alta Business Circle is a regional federation, established and registered in July 2004, and comprised of twelve business associations and nine large companies. In total, it represents 1,150 member companies, 7,500 employees, most in the province of Alicante. Its main goal is to act as a spokesperson of the demands and concerns of the regional business sector unto institutions.

  • 965 786 622
  • Calle L’Agret, 18 - Urb. El Cortijo - Dénia
AMADEM. NGO focused on mental health in the Marina Alta

AMADEM. NGO focused on mental health in the Marina Alta

AMADEM is an NGO for Mental Health in the Marina Alta, which since 1999 works toward improving the quality of life of individuals and their families with regards to mental health, as well as to assure that services, resources and possibilities they receive are aligned with their individual rights and offers a life with dignity.

A regional association with headquarters in Pedreguer, where we implement some of our psychosocial rehabilitation activities, like art and outdoor activities, as well as in Dénia, for easy access and greater convenience for people that do not drive. Here we offer gardening tasks, cognitive stimulation, English class, swimming, sailing at the Dénia Yacht Club, sports activities, cooking, self-help groups and psychoeducation for persons with mental illness and their families. The goal is to delve into the realities of many families who live with these situations up close and do not have resources or information. In many cases, their only psychological and emotional support is ours.

Anyone may at some point during his or her life develop a mental, emotional or affective disorder which will require help or attention by specialised professionals as well as a place to focus on these issues with the required seriousness. For this reason, given any doubts or difficulties, consult as soon as possible.

  • 966 469 120
  • 683 330 522
  • Finca el Campell - Partida Campell, 5 - Pedreguer
Alicante Chamber of Commerce

Alicante Chamber of Commerce

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Alicante is a public law corporation acting on a provincial level, that mediates between businesses and the public administration, as the only Corporation of this kind that is democratically governed and led by the business owner members themselves. This institution offers a series of services for improving a company's resources in different activity sectors. The majority of Chamber of Commerce services are free of charge, and enable business owners to count with advice and management services, guaranteeing a better framework in which to implement their business operations.

Currently, the Chamber collaborates with the insertion and training of youth through the Comprehensive Qualification and Employment Programme (PICE) as part of the Youth Guarantee System.

  • 966 423 600
  • Vivero de empresas

  • 609602007
  • Cámara de Comercio de Dénia C/de L'Agret, 18, 03700 Dénia, Alicante
CARITAS Interparroquial
637 807 411
CARITAS Interparroquial

CARITAS Interparroquial

Through its headquarters (3), this NGO responds to the needs of persons at risk of social exclusion, from covering their need for food through its commissary, providing clothing, help in paying electricity/water/rent bills, paying for training courses to increase possibilities for workplace integration, aid for emergency dental treatments, help in paying for public transportation to Valencia for signing an employment contract or processing a passport of an undocumented child, etc., and through its employment classroom: training (having recently offered the "home-based care for dependent persons" course), accompaniment, follow-up and mediation during the job search process.

  • 637 807 411
  • Carlos Sentí - Dénia
CCOO l’Alacantí-les Marines (Workers Commissions)

CCOO l’Alacantí-les Marines (Workers Commissions)

CCOO is a confederation of trade unions that focuses its activities on the effective implementation of the rights of all persons to stable employment, full protection of workers, equal opportunities and improved working conditions. It defines itself as a workers' union that is unitary, democratic and independent, participative, promoting socio-political mass action, and including men and women. It is international, multi-ethnic and multicultural in nature.

  • 965 780 172
  • C/ Hermanos Ferchén, 13 - Dénia
Dénia Red Cross

Dénia Red Cross

The Red Cross is an institution working in different areas and with different groups with the intention of serving people. It is a humanitarian institution, voluntary in nature and of public interest.

Our values are: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Volunteership, Unity and Universality.

Its Employment Service attends to persons in need of accompaniment during the job search and/or in improving their employability.

Through individual counselling and orientation workshops, we offer:

  • Information on training and employment-related resources.
  • Advice on creating a CV and participating in job interviews.
  • Accompaniment during the active job search process.
  • Mutual support during training and job search.
  • Red Cross is a Job Placement Agency with authorisation number 9900000098.


  • SOCIAL INTERVENTION: elderly, persons with disability, support products, economic aid, delivery of goods to persons and families affected by the crisis, after-school support, orientation on empowerment.
  • EMPLOYMENT: motivation, activation and accompaniment toward employment of persons outside the job market.
  • HEALTH, SURROUNDINGS AND ENVIRONMENT: preventive and remedial actions.
  • DYNAMIZATION OF YOUTH: youth monitors and youth participation actions, sociocultural activities.


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