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Complementary Training

Other training options are available that, though without resulting in official certification, will contribute toward your personal and professional development, and which you should be aware of.

The different Dénia City Council Departments offer very interesting courses. Also, keep in mind the training options offered by Dénia's various Associations and NGOs.

The Event Schedule includes courses, seminars and workshops programmed throughout the year in Dénia.

Online Training

Online training offers a broad range of courses that you may complete independently, at any time and from anywhere.

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

MOOC online courses offered by Spanish and international universities are open to all interested persons, are free of charge and do not have access prerequisites. Some have start and end dates, while others are self-paced without end dates.

Depending on the course and/or platform that offers these, different types of accreditation may be obtained: a Certificate of Participation is free, and a Certificate of Achievement has an associated fee, etc.

Below follow links to some platforms offering these types of courses:

Aula Mentor (Mentor Classroom)

This initiative is of open, flexible, Internet-based training targeting adults who wish to expand their personal and professional competencies. The initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, in collaboration with other Spanish and international public and private institutions.

The courses may be implemented in the classrooms of the Aulas Mentor network, or from anywhere with a computer and Internet connection. The classrooms nearest Dénia are in Benidorm and Gandía. 

Enrolment for these courses is open year-round, with a few exceptions, and the cost of the course is €24/month (with slight variations, depending on some classrooms). In general, initial enrolment is for two months, except for 30-hour certification courses, lasting one month.

For further information:

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